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Water Vapor


The MODIS Precipitable Water product consists of column water-vapor amounts. During the daytime, a near-infrared algorithm is applied over clear land areas of the globe and above clouds over both land and ocean. Over clear ocean areas, water-vapor estimates are provided over the extended glint rea. An infrared algorithm for deriving atmospheric profiles is also applied both day and night for Level-2. There are two MODIS Water Vapor data product files: MOD05_L2, containing data collected from the Terra platform, and MYD05_L2, containing data collected from the Aqua platform.

The Level-2 data are generated at the 1-km spatial resolution of the MODIS instrument using the near-infrared algorithm during the day, and at 5x5 1-km pixel resolution both day and night using the infra-red algorithm when at least nine FOVs are cloud free. The infrared-derived precipitable water vapor is generated as one component of product MOD07, and simply added to product MOD05 for convenience. The solar retrieval algorithm relies on observations of water-vapor attenuation of reflected solar radiation in the near-infrared MODIS channels so that the product is produced only over areas where there is a reflective surface in the near IR.

Product Information

Product Details

Product Name Terra Prod ID/DAAC Link Aqua Prod ID/DAAC Link
Total Precipitable Water Vapor 5-Min L2 Swath 1km and 5km MOD05_L2 MYD05_L2

All LAADS Water Vapor data products are accessible via the LAADS product search page.

Last updated: August 26, 2019