Eric Wilcox


Eric Wilcox

Dr. Eric Wilcox
Research Professor
Division of Atmospheric Sciences
Desert Research Institute

Research Interests

  • Aerosols and clouds
  • Climate modeling
  • Multi-sensor data fusion

Dr. Eric Wilcox's research addresses the interactions among aerosols, clouds, and precipitation towards a goal of improved understanding of precipitation, cloud variability and radiative forcing of climate at regional scales. This work relies on satellite and in-situ observations, as well as simulations with numerical models of the atmosphere and climate. Dr. Wilcox manages the Desert Research Institute's atmospheric modeling group, which implements a wide range of numerical models, including fine-resolution atmospheric models for regional climate studies and applied research in water resources and renewable energy projects, air quality and chemistry models, and global coupled ocean/atmosphere climate models. Dr. Wilcox is also director of the Airborne Systems Testing and Environmental Research (ASTER) Laboratory which conducts and facilitates the development and use of unmanned aircraft, payloads, and data analysis for a broad range of applications in the environmental sciences. Dr. Wilcox has taught Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Modeling as a member of the graduate faculty in the Interdisciplinary Program in Atmospheric Sciences at University of Nevada, Reno. He is also an associate director of the Nevada NASA Space Grant Consortium for the Desert Research Institute.

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