MODIS - Level-0 and Level-1


The MODIS Level-0 Production Data Set (PDS) is the raw instrument package consisting of a 5-minute swath of data. It is used to produce calibrated and geolocated MODIS radiances, or Level-1 data. The Level-1B data products contain calibrated radiances for all 36 MODIS bands and reflectances for the reflective Solar bands (Bands 1 through 19 and 26). The MODIS Terra L1B Version 3.0 and higher software is considered validated.

Product Information

Product Details

Product Name Terra Aqua
Level 0 Raw Instrument Packets (5 minutes)
Level 1A Scans of raw radiances in counts
Level 1B Calibrated Radiances - 250m
Level 1B Calibrated Radiances - 500m
Level 1B Calibrated Radiances - 1km
Level 1B Subsampled Calibrated Radiances 5km
Level 1B Onboard Calibrator/Engineering Data
Geolocation - 1km