MCD43D31 V6.0.0 CMG daily L3
MODIS HDF File Specification
Version: V6.0.0
Date:  April-2013


A note on MCD43 BRDF/Albedo HDF file designators:

ProductIDs   Status       Description                                         Process       
MCD43A1      archived     BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters 0.5km                 MOD_PR43B      
MCD43A2      archived     BRDF/Albedo Quality  0.5 km                        MOD_PR43B      
MCD43A3      archived     Albedo  0.5 km                                     MOD_PR43B      
MCD43A4      archived     Nadir BRDF-adj. reflect. NBAR 0.5km                MOD_PR43B      
MCD43C1      archived     CMG BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters 0.05degree        MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43C2      archived     CMG BRDF/Albedo Snow-free Parmameters 0.05degree   MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43C3      archived     CMG Albedo 0.05degree                              MOD_PR43C3     
MCD43C4      archived     CMG Nadir BRDF-adj. reflect. NBAR 0.05degree       MOD_PR43C3     
MCD43D01-30  archived     BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters 30arc sec             MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D31     archived     BRDF/Albedo Quality 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D32     archived     Local Solar Noon 30arc sec		                     MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D33     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band1 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D34     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band2 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D35     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band3 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D36     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band4 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D37     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band5 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D38     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band6 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D39     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band7 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D40     archived     BRDF/Albedo Snow status 30arc sec                  MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D41     archived     BRDF/Albedo Uncertainty 30arc sec                  MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D42     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band1 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D43     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band2 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D44     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band3 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D45     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band4 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D46     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band5 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D47     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band6 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D48     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band7 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D49     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA VIS 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D50     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA NIR 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D51     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Shortwave 30arc sec                MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D52     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band1 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D53     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band2 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D54     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band3 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D55     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band4 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D56     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band5 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D57     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band6 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D58     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band7 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D59     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA VIS 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D60     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA NIR 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D61     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Shortwave 30arc sec                MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D62     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band1 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D63     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band2 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D64     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band3 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D65     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band4 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D66     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band5 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D67     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band6 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1     
MCD43D68     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band7 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1     

Product Identifier: MCD43D31

MODIS/Terra+Aqua BRDF/Albedo Quality Daily L3 Global 30 Arc Second CMG



        This string will contain the following PVL fields:

        Field Name                              Data     no. of  Value
                                                Type     values  

   GROUP = CollectionDescriptionClass
                SHORTNAME                      STRING     1    "MCD43D31"
                VERSIONID                      INTEGER    1    Variable
   END_GROUP = CollectionDescriptionClass

   GROUP = ECSDataGranule
                LOCALGRANULEID                 STRING     1     Variable
                SIZEMBECSDATAGRANULE           DOUBLE     1     Variable
                PRODUCTIONDATETIME             STRING     1     Variable
                DAYNIGHTFLAG                   STRING     1     Variable
                REPROCESSINGACTUAL             STRING     1     Variable
                REPROCESSINGPLANNED            STRING     1     Variable
                LOCALVERSIONID                 STRING     1     Variable
   END_GROUP = ECSDataGranule

   GROUP = PGEVersionClass
                PGEVERSION                     STRING     1     Variable
   END_GROUP = PGEVersionClass

   GROUP = InputGranule
                InputPointer                   STRING     FR    Variable   
   END_GROUP = InputGranule

   GROUP = RangeDateTime
                RANGEBEGINNINGDATE             STRING      1    Variable
                RANGEENDINGDATE                STRING      1    Variable
                RANGEBEGINNINGTIME             STRING      1    Variable
                RANGEENDINGTIME                STRING      1    Variable
   END_GROUP = RangeDateTime

   GROUP = GRingPoint
                EXCLUSIONGRINGFLAG              STRING     1   Variable
                GRINGPOINTLATITUDE              DOUBLE     4   (90.0, 90.0,
                                                               -90.0, -90.0)
                GRINGPOINTLONGITUDE             DOUBLE     4   (-180.0, 180.0,
                                                               180.0, -180.0)
                GRINGPOINTSEQUENCENO            INTEGER    4   Variable
   END_GROUP = GRingPoint

   GROUP = MeasuredParameter
                PARAMETERNAME                   STRING     1    Variable

        GROUP = QAFlags
                AUTOMATICQUALITYFLAG            STRING     1    Variable
                OPERATIONALQUALITYFLAG          STRING     1    Variable
                SCIENCEQUALITYFLAG              STRING     1    Variable
                SCIENCEQUALITYFLAGEXPLANATION   STRING     1    Variable
        END_GROUP = QAFlags

        GROUP = QAStats
                QAPERCENTINTERPOLATEDDATA       INTEGER    1    Variable
                QAPERCENTMISSINGDATA            INTEGER    1    Variable
                QAPERCENTOUTOFBOUNDSDATA        INTEGER    1    Variable
        END_GROUP = QAStats
   END_GROUP = MeasuredParameter

   GROUP = AdditionalAttributes

                AdditionalAttributeName         STRING    8  

                        ADDITIONALATTRIBUTENAME.5 = "BRDFCODEID"        
                        ADDITIONALATTRIBUTENAME.6 = "SETUPFILEID"       
                        ADDITIONALATTRIBUTENAME.7 = "ALBEDOFILEID"     

                ParameterValue                  STRING  8      Variable

   END_GROUP = AdditionalAttributes

   GROUP = AssociatedPlatformInstrumentSensor

               AssociatedPlatformShortName.1      STRING     "Terra"
               AssociatedInstrumentShortName.1    STRING     "MODIS"
               AssociatedSensorName.1             STRING     "MODIS"

               AssociatedPlatformShortName.2      STRING     "Aqua"
               AssociatedInstrumentShortName.2    STRING     "MODIS"
               AssociatedSensorName.2             STRING     "MODIS"

   END_GROUP = AssociatedPlatformInstrumentSensor


        This string will contain the following PVL fields:
        Field Name                      Data    no. of   Value
                                        Type    values   

   GROUP = BoundingRectangle
        WESTBOUNDINGCOORDINATE         DOUBLE     1     Variable
        NORTHBOUNDINGCOORDINATE        DOUBLE     1     Variable
        EASTBOUNDINGCOORDINATE         DOUBLE     1     Variable
        SOUTHBOUNDINGCOORDINATE        DOUBLE     1     Variable
   END_GROUP = BoundingRectangle

        ALGORITHMPACKAGENAME           STRING     1     Variable
        ALGORITHMPACKAGEVERSION        STRING     1     Variable
        GEOANYABNORMAL                 STRING     1     Variable
        GEOESTMAXRMSERROR              DOUBLE     1     Variable
        LONGNAME                       STRING     1     Variable
        SPSOPARAMETERS                 STRING     2     "3669, 4332"
        PROCESSINGCENTER               STRING     1     "MODAPS"
        GLOBALGRIDCOLUMNS              INTEGER    1     Variable
        GLOBALGRIDROWS                 INTEGER    1     Variable
        NADIRDATARESOLUTION            STRING     1     Variable
        DESCREVISION                   STRING     1     Variable


This string will be populated automatically by HDF-EOS.

Grid Structure:  MODIS_Grid_BRDF

        Dimension               Dimension Name                  Value

        Dimension_0     Ydim:Grid_Albedo                      Variable
        Dimension_1     Xdim:Grid_Albedo                      Variable
        Dimension_2     Num_Albedo_Bands:Grid_Albedo          Variable

   Corner Locations:

        Corner                Values

        UpperLeftPointMtrs    (-180.0, 90.0)
        LowerRightPointMtrs   (180.0, -90.0)

   Supported Grids:     Geographic Grid

        Projection gridID = GCTP_GEO
                ProjParam[0]          not used
                ProjParam[1]          not used
                ProjParam[2]          not used
                ProjParam[3]          not used
                ProjParam[4]          not used
                ProjParam[5]          not used
                ProjParam[6]          not used
                ProjParam[7]          not used
                ProjParam[8]          not used
                ProjParam[9]          not used
                ProjParam[10]         not used
                ProjParam[11]         not used
                ProjParam[12]         not used
                Spherecode            not used
                GridOrigin            HDFE_GD_UL


Description of Data Fileds

Data_Field_Name           byte BRDF_Quality("YDim","XDim")

Description:              BRDF and albedo quality information

    0 = processed, good quality, full BRDF inversions 
    1 = processed, magnitude BRDF inversions
    255 = Fill value

Data Field Attributes:

Name:               Type:          Num_Val:    Source:    Value:

long_name           HDF-STRING     1           Code      "Global_BRDF_Quality"
units               HDF-STRING     1           Code      "Quality Byte, no units"
valid_range         HDF-byte       2           Code       0, 254
_FillValue          HDF-byte       1           Code       255


Data_Field_Name           byte BRDF_Albedo_Band_Quality_Band1("YDim","XDim")

Description:              BRDF and albedo quality information
    0 = best quality, full inversion (WoDs, RMSE majority good) 
    1 = good quality, full inversion (also including the cases that no clear sky observations over the day of interest or the Solar Zenith Angle is too large even WoDs, RMSE majority good)                                                      
    2 = Magnitude inversion (numobs >=7)                        
    3 = Magnitude inversion (numobs >=2&<7)                     
    255 = Fill value           

Data Field Attributes:

Name:               Type:          Num_Val:    Source:    Value:

long_name           HDF-STRING     1           Code      "Global_BRDF_Albedo_Band_Quality_Band1"
units               HDF-STRING     1           Code      "Quality Byte, no units"
valid_range         HDF-byte       2           Code       0, 254
_FillValue          HDF-byte       1           Code       255


Data_Field_3 .... Data_Field_8  BRDF Albedo Band Quality for MODIS Bands 2-7