Plan for LANCE-MODIS FTP to HTTPS Transition and Shut Down -- Updated

Last Updated2018-10-15 18:00:00
Start2018-10-15 18:00:00
Description Update 2018-10-15T18: We are transitioning NRT3/4 from FTP to HTTPS for downloads. To help with the transition for a brief period both HTTPS and FTP downloads will be supported. The new HTTPS based access to the NRT data is available at For instructions on how to perform scripted/automatic downloads please have a look at the instructions at Until Monday November 5th, we will keep FTP available on both nrt3 as well as nrt4. The HTTPS server on nrt3 will also continue to use the legacy system. The HTTPS server on nrt4, however, will be switched to the new system today for testing purposes. On or after November 5th, 2018 FTP on both NRT3 and NRT4 will be shut down as well as NRT3's HTTPS servers will be converted to the same code as NRT4.

Update 2018-06-13: The NRT3/NRT4 FTP to HTTPS change which were originally planned for mid June has been delayed, for about one-month, until mid-July. All users are advised to keep using ftp download as before to acquire nrt data from both NRT3 and NRT4 servers. Instructions for accessing NRT data via HTTPS will be sent to all users in due course.
2018-04-04: Due to new NASA Policies, MODAPS is planning to switch NRT3 and NRT4 FTP download to Downloading via HTTPS. The FTP to HTTPS change is planned to occur in May while NRT3 and NRT4 FTP servers are planned to shut down in June 2018. So, the user will have one month to convert all scripts and other methods of access to using HTTPS. Instructions for accessing NRT data via HTTPS will be sent to all users in May.

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Last updated: May 30, 2018