Lance-MODIS Terra spacecraft in safe mode (fixed)

Platform Terra
Instrument MODIS
Source lance-modis
Issue news
Last Updated 2016-03-01 17:40:00
Start 2016-02-18 14:30:00
End 2016-02-24 19:30:00
Description 2016-03-01T17:40:00Z
Terra MODIS was transitioned to science mode on Feb 24, 2016 (day 055) after being in safe mode since Feb 18, 2016 (day 049). Though the data is currently being acquired and processed at MODAPS and NRT, users are advised to exercise caution in using the products in any application. Products from period 055 - 058 might have been severely degraded due to abnormal operating temperature for the SWIR and LWIR FPA and hence products may not be usable in any application. Though the focal plane temperatures have reached the stable operating value as of day 060 some products may still have been impacted by the increased noise in some of the detectors in the thermal bands. Users are requested to exercise caution in using the products until further notice.

Terra spacecraft entered safe mode at 14:33:17 GMT on 2016/049 during an inclination adjustment maneuver (IAM). This caused the MODIS to enter safe mode as well with the nadir and the space-view doors closed. The spacecraft was recovered from the Safe-Mode to normal mode on 2/22/2016 and subsequently the MODIS instrument was successfully transitioned to science mode on 2/24/2016. No instrument data was available for the period 2016/049 – 2016/054. Though available data was acquired and processed at MODAPS and NRT, data products are severely degraded and are not expected to meet science quality since the SMIR and LWIR focal plane temperatures haven’t reached the normal operating value. Users are advised to refrain from using the product in any application until further notice.

Our Near Real Time systems are receiving Terra MODIS L0 data beginning between 2016-02-24 1925 and 1930z (the spacecraft went into safe mode 2016-02-18). The instrument temperatures are stabilizing which may have implications for quality.

The Terra spacecraft entered safe mode at 2016-02-18 1433z - recovery will start 2/23 and likely take multiple days. From Eric Moyer (Earth Science Mission Operations NASA GSFC):

Terra spacecraft remained in safe hold throughout the weekend allowing time for the Flight Operations Team to determine cause of entry into safe hold, develop recovery procedures, test against simulator and present to Anomaly Review Board plans for recovery. Today, February 22, 2016, the recovery procedures were approved. The Flight Operation Team was successful in restoring operations to the Spacecraft Computer. Instrument recovery activities will start tomorrow and likely take multiple days.

We will send out an update when MODIS Direct Broadcast is available.

The Terra spacecraft entered safe mode at 2016-02-18 1433z. Spacecraft is currently in a stable configuration however there is no science data being collected. Recovery is likely to take multiple days.
L0 data was received and processed up to about 14:30z.

The Terra spacecraft entered safe mode on DOY 049 at 1433z. The Terra FOT is currently investigating. LANCE-MODAPS has not received any Terra L0 data later than 13:56z.

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