Product Quality Assessment

The Land Data Operational Product Evaluation (LDOPE) facility, which is collocated with MODAPS at GSFC, is responsible for the overall coordination of the QA activities for MODIS atmosphere and land products. LDOPE follows a fairly laborious process to evaluate and document the science quality of these products, which is eventually incorporated in the operational code and carried within the products (at the pixel-level) and their metadata (at the file-level).

MODIS Land QA Parameters

Consult the MODIS Land QA site for additional information and documentation regarding LDOPEā€™s quality assessment process. This site provides a variety of information on known product-related issues, file specifications, global browse images, collection-specific algorithm changes, etc.

BRDF-Albedo QualityThe complex nature of QA information within MODIS products generally tends to discourage users from attempting to use them. How such QA information is structured, and its usefulness and usability are all discussed in a set of four tutorials aimed to educate beginning and intermediate users, who are encouraged to consult them at the Land Processes DAAC site.

Last updated: August 1, 2019