w10n Service: meta for leaf/opendap/w10n/allData/61/MYDATML2/2015/120/MYDATML2.A2015120.1535.061.2018050000648.hdf/Cloud_Effective_Radius_Uncertainty_1621
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meta for leaf/opendap/w10n/allData/61/MYDATML2/2015/120/MYDATML2.A2015120.1535.061.2018050000648.hdf/Cloud_Effective_Radius_Uncertainty_1621

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Cloud_Effective_Radius_Uncertainty_1621[Cell_Along_Swath_5km=0..405] [Cell_Across_Swath_5km=0..270] (Type is Int16)
  • attributes
    • coordinates
      Latitude Longitude
    • long_name
      Cloud Effective Particle Radius Relative Uncertainty (Percent) using band 7(2.1um) and band 6(1.6um)from both best points and points identified as cloud edge at 1km resolution or partly cloudy at 250m
    • units
    • valid_range
    • _FillValue
    • Parameter_Type
    • Cell_Along_Swath_Sampling
    • Cell_Across_Swath_Sampling
    • Geolocation_Pointer
      External MODIS geolocation product
    • _1_km_to_5_km_subsampling_description
      Each value in this dataset does not represent an average of properties over a 5 x 5 km grid box, but rather a single sample from within each 5 km box. Normally, pixels in across-track rows 4 and 9 (counting in the direction of increasing scan number) out of every set of 10 rows are used for subsampling the 1 km retrievals to a 5 km resolution. If the array contents are determined to be all fill values after selecting the default pixel subset (e.g., from failed detectors), a different pair of pixel rows is used to perform the subsampling. Note that 5 km data sets are centered on rows 3 and 8; the default sampling choice of 4 and 9 is for better data quality and avoidance of dead detectors on Aqua. The row pair used for the 1 km sample is always given by the first number and last digit of the second number of the attribute Cell_Along_Swath_Sampling. The attribute Cell_Across_Swath_Sampling indicates that columns 3 and 8 are used, as they always are, for across-track sampling. Again these values are to be interpreted counting in the direction of the scan, from 1 through 10 inclusively. For example, if the value of attribute Cell_Along_Swath_Sampling is 3, 2028, 5, then the third and eighth pixel rows were used for subsampling. A value of 4, 2029, 5 indicates that the default fourth and ninth rows pair was used.
    • source_info
      MYD06_L2.A2015120.1535.061.2018050000609.hdf pge06v6.1.4 Cloud_Effective_Radius_Uncertainty_1621
    • scale_factor
    • add_offset

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