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meta for leaf/opendap/w10n/allData/61/MYDATML2/2015/120/MYDATML2.A2015120.1535.061.2018050000648.hdf/Cirrus_Reflectance

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Cirrus_Reflectance[Cell_Along_Swath_5km=0..405] [Cell_Across_Swath_5km=0..270] (Type is Int16)
  • attributes
    • coordinates
      Latitude Longitude
    • long_name
      Cirrus Reflectance
    • units
    • valid_range
    • _FillValue
    • Parameter_Type
    • Cell_Along_Swath_Sampling
    • Cell_Across_Swath_Sampling
    • Geolocation_Pointer
      External MODIS geolocation product
    • _1_km_to_5_km_subsampling_description
      Each value in this dataset does not represent an average of properties over a 5 x 5 km grid box, but rather a single sample from within each 5 km box. Normally, pixels in across-track rows 4 and 9 (counting in the direction of increasing scan number) out of every set of 10 rows are used for subsampling the 1 km retrievals to a 5 km resolution. If the array contents are determined to be all fill values after selecting the default pixel subset (e.g., from failed detectors), a different pair of pixel rows is used to perform the subsampling. Note that 5 km data sets are centered on rows 3 and 8; the default sampling choice of 4 and 9 is for better data quality and avoidance of dead detectors on Aqua. The row pair used for the 1 km sample is always given by the first number and last digit of the second number of the attribute Cell_Along_Swath_Sampling. The attribute Cell_Across_Swath_Sampling indicates that columns 3 and 8 are used, as they always are, for across-track sampling. Again these values are to be interpreted counting in the direction of the scan, from 1 through 10 inclusively. For example, if the value of attribute Cell_Along_Swath_Sampling is 3, 2028, 5, then the third and eighth pixel rows were used for subsampling. A value of 4, 2029, 5 indicates that the default fourth and ninth rows pair was used.
    • source_info
      MYD06_L2.A2015120.1535.061.2018050000609.hdf pge06v6.1.4 Cirrus_Reflectance
    • scale_factor
    • add_offset

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