L2 Joint Atmosphere


The post-launch MODIS Atmosphere Level-2 Joint Product contains a spectrum of key parameters gleaned from the complete set of standard at-launch Level-2 products: Aerosol, Water Vapor, Cloud, Profile, and Cloud Mask. The new Joint Atmosphere product was designed to be small enough to minimize data transfer and storage requirements, yet robust enough to be useful to a significant number of MODIS data users. Scientific data sets (SDS's) contained within the Joint Atmosphere product cover a full set of high-interest parameters produced by the MODIS Atmosphere group, and are stored at 5-km and 10-km (at nadir) spatial resolutions. There are two MODIS L2 Joint Atmosphere data product files: MODATML2, containing data collected from the Terra platform; and MYDATML2, containing data collected from the Aqua platform. Both of these products began production on October 14th 2003. The first available data days are day 285 (10/12/2003) for Aqua and 286 (10/13/2003) for Terra.

Product Information

Product Details

Product Name Terra Aqua
Aerosol, Cloud and Water Vapor Subset 5-Min L2 Swath 5km and 10km