Gross Primary Production & Net Primary Productivity


The Primary Production products are designed to provide an accurate regular measure of the growth of the terrestrial vegetation. Production is by first computing a daily net photosynthesis value which is then composited over an 8-day interval of observations for a year. The product is a cumulative composite of GPP values based on the radiation use efficiency concept that may be used as inputs to data models for calculating terrestrial energy, carbon, water cycle processes, and biogeochemistry of vegetation. Modification of parameters in the Biome Property Look-Up Table (BPLUT) have been made to agree with GPP derived from measurements at eddy flux towers and synthesized NPP. Have included a spatially non-linear interpolation of coarse-resolution meteorological data at the 1-km MODIS pixel level, instead of nearest neighbor sampling, to increase the accuracy of meteorological data input at the pixel level.

Product Information

Product Details

Product Name Terra Aqua
Net Primary Production Yearly L4 Global 500m
Gross Primary Productivity 8-Day L4 Global 500m
Net Photosynthesis 8-Day L4 Global 1km