VNP46A4 - VIIRS/NPP Lunar BRDF-Adjusted Nighttime Lights Yearly L3 Global 15 arc second Linear Lat Lon Grid

Shortname: VNP46A4
Platform: Suomi-NPP
Instrument: VIIRS
Processing Level: Level-3
Data Format: HDF5
Spatial Resolution: 15 arc-second
Temporal Resolution: annual
ArchiveSets: 5000
Collection: NPP VIIRS collection 1.0 (ArchiveSet 5000)
PGE Number: PGE557
File Naming Convention:

Example: VNP46A4.A2020001.h08v05.001.2021118145252.h5

  • ESDT Earth Science Data Type or Shortname
  • A Stands for Acquisition
  • YYYYDDD Data acquisition year and Day-of-year per the Julian Calendar
  • hXXvYY Horizontal and Vertical Tile Identifiers
  • VID Version ID of the data collection
  • YYYYDDDHHMMSS Processing year, Day-of-year, UTC time (hour, minutes, seconds)
  • Format File format suffix, which in the above case represents HDF5
Keywords: SNPP VIIRS, Lunar BRDF-Adjusted Nighttime Lights, Yearly composite, 15 arc-second, L3 Grid