VNP03IMG - VIIRS/NPP Imagery Resolution Terrain-Corrected Geolocation 6-Min L1 Swath 375m

Shortname: VNP03IMG
Platform: Suomi-NPP
Instrument: VIIRS
Processing Level: Level-1B
Spatial Resolution: 375 m
Temporal Resolution: 6 minute
ArchiveSets: 5200
Collection: NPP and JPSS1 VIIRS data 2.0 (ArchiveSet 5200)
PGE Number: PGE501
File Naming Convention:

  • AYYYYDDD = Acquisition Year and Day of Year
  • HHMM = Hour and minute of acquisition
  • CCC = Collection number
  • YYYYDDDHHMMSS = Production Date and Time
  • nc = NetCDF4
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Keywords: VIIRS, L1, I-bands, Terrain-corrected Geolocation