MER_FRS_1P - Full Resolution Full Swath Geolocated and Calibrated TOA Radiance

Shortname: MER_FRS_1P
Platform: ENVISAT
Instrument: MERIS
Processing Level: Level-1B
Spatial Resolution: 300 m
Temporal Resolution: daily
ArchiveSets: 490
Collection: MERIS Best Processing - Envisat Level 1 (ArchiveSet 490)
PGE Number: NONE
File Naming Convention:


  • XXX = the product mode, or contains letters used to differentiate between products created at the same processing level
  • Y = the product level code (0, 1=1B, 2, B=browse)
  • Z = indicator for product Parent (segment) or Child (extracted).
  • p = processing stage flag (N = Near Real Time, V = fully validated, T = test, S = special)
  • GGG identifies the center which generated the file
  • yyyymmdd is the start day of the acquisition,
  • HHMMSS is the start time of the acquisition,
  • tttttttt is the duration (in seconds) of the acquisition,
  • P identifies the phase of the mission,
  • ccc is the number of the cycle in the mission phase,
  • OOOOO is the relative orbit number within the cycle,
  • aaaaa is the absolute orbit number,
  • QQQQ is a numerical wrap-around counter for quick file identification. For a given product type the counter is incremented by 1 for each new product generated by the product originator.
  • SS identifies the satellite (E1 = ERS-1, E2 = ERS-2, N1 = ENVISAT-1).
  • GGG identifies the center which generated the file: