MCD18A2 - MODIS/Terra+Aqua Photosynthetically Active Radiation Daily/3-Hour L3 Global 1km SIN Grid

Shortname: MCD18A2
Platform: Combined Aqua Terra
Instrument: MODIS
Processing Level: Level-3
Spatial Resolution: NA
Temporal Resolution: daily
ArchiveSets: 6
Collection: MODIS Collection 6 (ArchiveSet 6)
PGE Number: PGE141
File Naming Convention:


  • YYYYDDD = Year and Day of Year of acquisition
  • hHH = Horizontal tile number (0-35)
  • vVV = Vertical tile number (0-17)
  • CCC = Collection number
  • YYYYDDDHHMMSS = Production Date and Time
Keywords: Terra and Aqua MODIS, Photosynthetically Active Radiation, surface radiative flux