How to Access Data in the Cloud with Earthdata Search

These instructions outline the steps to obtain a list of S3 URLs from a LAADS DAAC product collection using the Earthdata Search webpage.

  1. Visit the Earthdata Search portal: and Login (upper right of the page).
  2. Under "Filter Collections" in the left panel, select:
    • Features: Available from AWS Cloud
    • Organizations: Level-1 Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System Distributed Active Archive Center
  3. Click on the desired collection in "Matching Collections" results (in this case, VIIRS/Suomi-NPP Cloud Mask 6-Min Swath 750 m)
  4. Adjust the date range to the desired time period (in this case, 2023-05-01 through 2023-05-02), add granules, and click on Download All.
  5. After clicking on Download Data, the Download Status page displays a tab for AWS S3 Access. The S3 URLs for your desired granules are listed here. You have the option to Copy this list or Save this list as a text file.

Last updated: June 8, 2023