MODIS Thermal Anomalies/Fire Version 6 File Specification
Document Creation: 08.02.2013

PGE Version	: 6.0.1
PGE Release	: 08.??.2013

This document specifies the format for the Aqua MODIS Level 3 Thermal
Anomalies/Fire 8-Day Global 1km SIN Grid product (MYD14A2).

Point of Contact:   
	Louis Giglio (PI)
	University of Maryland
	NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 606.3
	Greenbelt, MD 20771
	(301) 405-0064

	Chris Justice
	University of Maryland

1. ECS Granule Metadata

1.1 CoreMetadata.0

ECS Core metadata are stored in a single HDF attribute as a large string of
PVL text.

Name					ECS Type
----					--------
LocalGranuleID				string

SizeMBECSDataGranule			double

ProductionDateTime			DATETIME

DayNightFlag				string

ReprocessingActual			string

ReprocessingPlanned			string

LocalVersionID				string

ScienceQualityFlag			string

AutomaticQualityFlagExplanation		string

AutomaticQualityFlag			string

OperationalQualityFlagExplanation	string

OperationalQualityFlag			string

ScienceQualityFlagExplanation		string

QAPercentMissingData			integer



EquatorCrossingDate			DATE

EquatorCrossingTime			TIME

OrbitNumber				integer

EquatorCrossingLongitude		double

VersionID				integer

ShortName				string

GRingPointLongitude			double
GRingPointLatitude			double

GRingPointSequenceNo			integer

ExclusionGRingFlag			string

RangeEndingDate				DATE

RangeEndingTime				TIME
RangeBeginningDate			DATE

RangeBeginningTime			TIME

InputGranule				string

InputPointer				string

PGEVersion				string

AncillaryInputPointer			string

AncillaryInputType			string

AssociatedSensorShortName		string

AssociatedPlatformShortName		string

AssociatedInstrumentShortName		string

The following will be the AdditionalAttributes set:

     AdditionalAttribute.1 = QAPERCENTGOODQUALITY (integer)
     AdditionalAttribute.2 = QAPERCENTOTHERQUALITY (integer)
     AdditionalAttribute.3 = HORIZONTALTILENUMBER (integer)
     AdditionalAttribute.4 = VERTICALTILENUMBER (integer)
     AdditionalAttribute.5 = TileID (integer)

1.2 ArchiveMetadata.0

ECS Archive metadata are also stored in a single HDF attribute as a large
string of PVL text.

Name				ECS Type
----				--------
AlgorithmPackageAcceptanceDate	string

AlgorithmPackageMaturityCode	string

AlgorithmPackageName		string

AlgorithmPackageVersion		string



SystemFileName			string

AncillarySystemFileName		string

LongName			string

ProcessingCenter		string

SPSOParameters			string

NorthBoundingCoordinate		double

SouthBoundingCoordinate		double

EastBoundingCoordinate		double

WestBoundingCoordinate		double


InstrumentScansProcessed	integer

PercentLand			integer

scistate			integer

sciabnorm			integer

CloudPixels			integer

NoFirePixels			integer

UnknownPixels			integer

WaterPixels			integer

DESCRrevision			string

ProductionHistory		string

ProcessingEnvironment		string

2. Product-Specific Granule Metadata

The following fields are stored as individual HDF attributes.  Many are
duplicates of the ECS Core and Archive metadata fields to prevent users from
having to parse metadata stored in the confusing PVL format mandated by the

Name			Type	Description
----			----	-----------
FirePix			int32	Number of fire pixels detected in tile.

CloudPix		int32	Number of cloud pixels over land in

UnknownPix		int32	Number of pixels classified as "unknown"
				in tile.

MissingPix		int32	Number of pixels classified as "missing"
				in tile.

MaxT21			float32	Maximum fire-pixel band 21 brightness
				temperature (kelvins).

ProcessVersionNumber	string	Internal version number (e.g. "5.1.0").

StartDate		string	Start date of 8-day product period;
				format is YYYY-MM-DD.

EndDate			string	End date of 8-day product period; format
				is YYYY-MM-DD.

HorizontalTileNumber	int16	Tile horizontal coordinate (range 0 - 35)

VerticalTileNumber	int16	Tile vertical coordinate (range 0 - 17)

3. Structural Metadata
    This string will be populated automatically by HDF-EOS.

Grid Structure:  MODIS_Grid_Daily_Fire

Data Fields:
	FireMask, QA


	Dimension Name				Value

	YDim:MODIS_Grid_Daily_Fire		"Data Rows"

	XDim:MODIS_Grid_Daily_Fire		"Data Columns"

    Corner Locations:

	Corner                Values

	UpperLeftPointMtrs    (Variable, Variable)

	LowerRightPointMtrs   (Variable, Variable)

    Geographic Grid Projection Parameters:

        Sinusoidal Projection
	    Projection	      GCTP_SNSOID
	    ProjParam[0]          6371007.181
	    ProjParam[1 to 7]     0.0
	    ProjParam[8]          21600
	    ProjParam[9]          0.0
	    ProjParam[10]         1.0
	    ProjParam[11 to 12]   0.0
	    Spherecode            -1
	    GridOrigin            HDFE_GD_UL

4. Scientific Data Sets

Name		Type	Dimensions
-----		----	----------
FireMask	uint8	XDim, YDim

The FireMask SDS is an 8-day composite containing essentially the maximum value
of the individual Level 2 pixel classes that fell into each 1-km grid cell over
the 8-day compositing period.

Note: For Collection 5 and earlier, the FireMask SDS was _precisely_ a
maximum value composite of the Level 2 fire product pixel classes.  For
Collection 6 this rule had to be modified slightly because of the potential
for fire pixels to be detected over water (i.e., offshore gas flares).
Consequently, non-fire water pixels (class 3) will now override
cloud pixels (class 4) occuring over water, just as non-fire land pixels
(class 5) have always been assigned higher priority than cloud pixels occuring
over land.

SDS Attributes:

Attribute		Type	Quantity	Value
---------		----	--------	--------
valid_range		uint8	2		0, 9
_FillValue		uint8	1		0

Value	Description
-----	-----------
  0	missing input data
  1	not processed (obsolete; not used in post-launch product)
  2	not processed (other reason)
  3	non-fire water
  4	cloud
  5	non-fire land
  6	unknown
  7	fire (low confidence)
  8	fire (nominal confidence)
  9	fire (high confidence)


Name		Type		Dimensions
--------	-------		-----------------
QA		uint8		XDim, YDim

The QA SDS is a 1200 by 1200 8-bit unsigned integer array.  Only six unique QA
values are possible, with the meanings shown below:

Bit	Description
---	-----------
0-1	land/water state
		00 = water
		01 = coast
		10 = land
		11 = missing data

2	day/night observation (0 = night, 1 = day)

For missing-data grid cells (bit pattern 11 in bits 0-1) bit 2 will always
be clear.

SDS Attributes:

Attribute	Type	Quantity	Value
------------	-------	------------	--------
valid_range	uint8	2		0, 6
units		string	9		bit field