MCD43D62 V6.0.0 CMG daily L3
MODIS HDF File Specification
Version: V6.0.0
Date:  April-2013


A note on MCD43 BRDF/Albedo HDF file designators:

ProductIDs   Status       Description                                         Process      
MCD43A1      archived     BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters 0.5km                 MOD_PR43B     
MCD43A2      archived     BRDF/Albedo Quality  0.5 km                        MOD_PR43B     
MCD43A3      archived     Albedo  0.5 km                                     MOD_PR43B     
MCD43A4      archived     Nadir BRDF-adj. reflect. NBAR 0.5km                MOD_PR43B     
MCD43C1      archived     CMG BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters 0.05degree        MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43C2      archived     CMG BRDF/Albedo Snow-free Parmameters 0.05degree   MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43C3      archived     CMG Albedo 0.05degree                              MOD_PR43C3    
MCD43C4      archived     CMG Nadir BRDF-adj. reflect. NBAR 0.05degree       MOD_PR43C3    
MCD43D01-30  archived     BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters 30arc sec             MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D31     archived     BRDF/Albedo Quality 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D32     archived     Local Solar Noon 30arc sec		                     MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D33     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band1 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D34     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band2 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D35     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band3 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D36     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band4 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D37     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band5 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D38     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band6 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D39     archived     BRDF/Albedo ValidObs Band7 30arc sec               MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D40     archived     BRDF/Albedo Snow status 30arc sec                  MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D41     archived     BRDF/Albedo Uncertainty 30arc sec                  MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D42     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band1 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D43     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band2 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D44     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band3 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D45     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band4 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D46     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band5 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D47     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band6 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D48     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Band7 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D49     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA VIS 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D50     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA NIR 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D51     archived     BRDF/Albedo BSA Shortwave 30arc sec                MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D52     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band1 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D53     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band2 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D54     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band3 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D55     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band4 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D56     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band5 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D57     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band6 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D58     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Band7 30arc sec                    MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D59     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA VIS 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D60     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA NIR 30arc sec                      MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D61     archived     BRDF/Albedo WSA Shortwave 30arc sec                MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D62     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band1 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D63     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band2 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D64     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band3 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D65     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band4 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D66     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band5 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D67     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band6 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1    
MCD43D68     archived     BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band7 30arc sec                   MOD_PR43C1    

Product Identifier: MCD43D62

MODIS/Terra+Aqua BRDF/Albedo NBAR Band1
Daily L3 Global 30 Arc Second CMG



        This string will contain the following PVL fields:

        Field Name                              Data     no. of  Value
                                                Type     values  

   GROUP = CollectionDescriptionClass
                SHORTNAME                      STRING     1    "MCD43D62"
                VERSIONID                      INTEGER    1    Variable
   END_GROUP = CollectionDescriptionClass

   GROUP = ECSDataGranule
                LOCALGRANULEID                 STRING     1     Variable
                SIZEMBECSDATAGRANULE           DOUBLE     1     Variable
                PRODUCTIONDATETIME             STRING     1     Variable
                DAYNIGHTFLAG                   STRING     1     Variable
                REPROCESSINGACTUAL             STRING     1     Variable
                REPROCESSINGPLANNED            STRING     1     Variable
                LOCALVERSIONID                 STRING     1     Variable
   END_GROUP = ECSDataGranule

   GROUP = PGEVersionClass
                PGEVERSION                     STRING     1     Variable
   END_GROUP = PGEVersionClass

   GROUP = InputGranule
                InputPointer                   STRING     FR    Variable   
   END_GROUP = InputGranule

   GROUP = RangeDateTime
                RANGEBEGINNINGDATE             STRING      1    Variable
                RANGEENDINGDATE                STRING      1    Variable
                RANGEBEGINNINGTIME             STRING      1    Variable
                RANGEENDINGTIME                STRING      1    Variable
   END_GROUP = RangeDateTime

   GROUP = GRingPoint
                EXCLUSIONGRINGFLAG              STRING     1   Variable
                GRINGPOINTLATITUDE              DOUBLE     4   (90.0, 90.0,
                                                               -90.0, -90.0)
                GRINGPOINTLONGITUDE             DOUBLE     4   (-180.0, 180.0,
                                                               180.0, -180.0)
                GRINGPOINTSEQUENCENO            INTEGER    4   Variable
   END_GROUP = GRingPoint

   GROUP = MeasuredParameter
                PARAMETERNAME                   STRING     1    Variable

        GROUP = QAFlags
                AUTOMATICQUALITYFLAG            STRING     1    Variable
                OPERATIONALQUALITYFLAG          STRING     1    Variable
                SCIENCEQUALITYFLAG              STRING     1    Variable
                SCIENCEQUALITYFLAGEXPLANATION   STRING     1    Variable
        END_GROUP = QAFlags

        GROUP = QAStats
                QAPERCENTINTERPOLATEDDATA       INTEGER    1    Variable
                QAPERCENTMISSINGDATA            INTEGER    1    Variable
                QAPERCENTOUTOFBOUNDSDATA        INTEGER    1    Variable
        END_GROUP = QAStats
   END_GROUP = MeasuredParameter

   GROUP = AdditionalAttributes

                AdditionalAttributeName         STRING    8  

                        ADDITIONALATTRIBUTENAME.5 = "BRDFCODEID"        
                        ADDITIONALATTRIBUTENAME.6 = "SETUPFILEID"       
                        ADDITIONALATTRIBUTENAME.7 = "ALBEDOFILEID"     

                ParameterValue                  STRING  8      Variable

   END_GROUP = AdditionalAttributes

   GROUP = AssociatedPlatformInstrumentSensor

               AssociatedPlatformShortName.1      STRING     "Terra"
               AssociatedInstrumentShortName.1    STRING     "MODIS"
               AssociatedSensorName.1             STRING     "MODIS"

               AssociatedPlatformShortName.2      STRING     "Aqua"
               AssociatedInstrumentShortName.2    STRING     "MODIS"
               AssociatedSensorName.2             STRING     "MODIS"

   END_GROUP = AssociatedPlatformInstrumentSensor


        This string will contain the following PVL fields:
        Field Name                      Data    no. of   Value
                                        Type    values   

   GROUP = BoundingRectangle
        WESTBOUNDINGCOORDINATE         DOUBLE     1     Variable
        NORTHBOUNDINGCOORDINATE        DOUBLE     1     Variable
        EASTBOUNDINGCOORDINATE         DOUBLE     1     Variable
        SOUTHBOUNDINGCOORDINATE        DOUBLE     1     Variable
   END_GROUP = BoundingRectangle

        ALGORITHMPACKAGENAME           STRING     1     Variable
        ALGORITHMPACKAGEVERSION        STRING     1     Variable
        GEOANYABNORMAL                 STRING     1     Variable
        GEOESTMAXRMSERROR              DOUBLE     1     Variable
        LONGNAME                       STRING     1     Variable
        SPSOPARAMETERS                 STRING     2     "3669, 4332"
        PROCESSINGCENTER               STRING     1     "MODAPS"
        GLOBALGRIDCOLUMNS              INTEGER    1     Variable
        GLOBALGRIDROWS                 INTEGER    1     Variable
        NADIRDATARESOLUTION            STRING     1     Variable
        DESCREVISION                   STRING     1     Variable


This string will be populated automatically by HDF-EOS.

Grid Structure:  MODIS_Grid_BRDF

        Dimension               Dimension Name                  Value

        Dimension_0     Ydim:Grid_Albedo                      Variable
        Dimension_1     Xdim:Grid_Albedo                      Variable
        Dimension_2     Num_Albedo_Bands:Grid_Albedo          Variable

   Corner Locations:

        Corner                Values

        UpperLeftPointMtrs    (-180.0, 90.0)
        LowerRightPointMtrs   (180.0, -90.0)

   Supported Grids:     Geographic Grid

        Projection gridID = GCTP_GEO
                ProjParam[0]          not used
                ProjParam[1]          not used
                ProjParam[2]          not used
                ProjParam[3]          not used
                ProjParam[4]          not used
                ProjParam[5]          not used
                ProjParam[6]          not used
                ProjParam[7]          not used
                ProjParam[8]          not used
                ProjParam[9]          not used
                ProjParam[10]         not used
                ProjParam[11]         not used
                ProjParam[12]         not used
                Spherecode            not used
                GridOrigin            HDFE_GD_UL


Description of Data Fileds


Data Field Name:        UINT16 BRDF_Albedo_NBAR_Band1 ("YDim","XDim")

Description:             NBAR Band1

Data conversions:
 file data=( BRDF_Albedo_NBAR_Band1 / scale_factor) + add_offset                                     

Data Field Attributes:

Name:               Type:          Num_Val:    Source:    Value:

long_name           HDF-STRING     1           Code       "Global_BRDF_Albedo_NBAR_Band1"
units               HDF-STRING     1           Code       "nbar, no units"
valid_range         HDF-uint16     2           Code       0, 32766
_FillValue          HDF-uint16     1           Code       32767
scale_factor        HDF-float64    1           Code       0.001
add_offset          HDF-float64    1           Code        0.0