Lance-MODIS Aqua data gaps and 22:45

Last Updated2014-02-16 04:45:00
Start2014-02-15 22:25:00
End2014-02-15 22:25:00
Description 2014-02-16T04:45:00Z
Due to data gaps in MYD00S (2014-02-15 22:23:58-00:03:28z), the Lance-MODIS NRT granule at 2014-02-15 22:25 is about 70% missing, and the granule at 22:45 is 22% missing. The next orbit of MYD00S seems to include the missing data, and granules produced in forward processing should be complete when produced. The granules between the short granules were produced with the late data and appear not to have missing data.

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Last updated: May 30, 2018