Lance-MODIS nrt1 disk issue (fixed)

Last Updated2015-11-24 19:24:00
Start2015-11-24 07:40:00
End2015-11-24 18:15:00
Description 2015-11-24T19:24:00Z
One of the disks on ftp host developed disk issues about 2015-11-24 07:40z this morning. The host went down shortly after and was made operational again at 18:15z. The following files on nrt1 were found to have corrupted filesize and have been replaced:
                     FileName                     | FileSizeBytes 
 MOD02HKM.A2015328.1110.005.2015328123547.NRT.hdf |     171784201
 MOD02QKM.A2015328.1110.005.2015328123547.NRT.hdf |     188832500
 MOD02SSH.A2015328.1115.005.2015328123819.hdf     |      15837919
 MOD02SSH.A2015328.1115.005.2015328123819.hdf.met |          9182
 MOD06_L2.A2015328.1155.051.2015328123734.NRT.hdf |       4560128
If these filenames were downloaded from nrt1 (before 18:15z) and do not have the correct filesize above, they should be discarded and downloaded again. In addition it is possible that files have been corrupted without a change in filesize, a condition which was not checked for. Therefore files downloaded from nrt2 today should be used/kept in preference to files from nrt1.

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