LAADS and LANCE-MODIS scheduled maintenance (update)

Last Updated2015-12-29 01:00:00
Start2015-12-28 12:00:00
End2015-12-28 17:00:00
Description 2015-12-29T01:00:00Z
nrt1 processing hosts were down between 2015-12-28 11:40 and 17:19z today for maintenance, and additional latency was caused by import host maintenance. The host used by both nrt1 and nrt3 systems for L0 and ancillary import went down for unscheduled maintenance around 17:45 and is not yet back up. A switch was made to the import host used by nrt2 a few hours after. However on nrt1 ingest of 5 MOD00S(Terra L0) and one MYD00S(Aqua L0) granules failed until a correction was made within the past hour. Thus today in the nrt3 instance L0 data was ingested upto 155 minutes later than normal, and upto 675 minutes later in the nrt1 instance.

All hosts in the LAADS and LANCE-MODIS systems will go down for scheduled maintenance for some interval Monday 2015-12-28 between 7am and 12pm EST. The web and ftp sites will be down during this period for some amount of time. Even if the LAADS web and ftp sites are available during this period, LAADS product files may not be available for download if the host they are on is down.

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