LAADS and nrt2 downtime on 2016-07-06, nrt1/3 on 2016-07-07

Last Updated2016-06-30 12:44:00
Start2016-07-06 12:00:00
End2016-07-07 16:00:00
Description 2016-06-30T12:44:00Z
LAADS hosts will experience downtime on Wednesday 2016-07-06 between 8am and 12pm EDT (1200-1600z). As will associated production hosts, and Lance-MODIS nrt2 hosts. Hosts associated with nrt1 and nrt3 systems will have their downtime on Thursday 2016-07-07 between 8am and 12pm EDT (1200-1600z). This will cause our ftp hosts to be unreachable while down, may cause errors when attempting to download files from lads even if the ftp host is up, and will cause increased latency in production.

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Last updated: May 30, 2018