0449z to 08-09 2049z Aqua L0 issue (update)

Last Updated2016-08-09 23:35:00
Start2016-08-08 04:49:13
End2016-08-09 20:49:32
Description 2016-08-09T23:35:00Z
Lance-MODIS NRT and LAADS forward Aqua production were impacted by an issue making Aqua L0 unusable from 2016-08-08 0449z to 08-09 2049z. The Aqua C&DH Engineer reports: "On DOY 221 Aqua experienced a TIE Reboot, which caused the time for one of the clocks on board the spacecraft to reset to DOY 001, 1958. Because of this all the times for the MODIS and CERES packets are incorrect since the anomaly." EDOS is analyzing the issue. The direct broadcast listserv reports "With the exception of the time stamp, the MODIS and CERES data quality is good."

As of 8/9 22:16z direct-broadcast-users@lists.nasa.gov reports "The Aqua anomaly affecting the time stamp of MODIS and CERES data has been resolved as of 222/20:56:05 UTC. The MODIS and CERES packet time stamps have been verified and are now showing the correct time stamp. Analysis indicates that the time stamps were incorrect for MODIS/CERES from 221/04:49:10 – 222/20:56:05 UTC. At the start of the anomaly, time generation reverted to an epoch time of 1958/001/00:00:00 (YEAR/DOY/HH:mm:ss) and continued to count until the anomaly was resolved."

Lance-MODIS is seeing Aqua L0 beginning with 8/9 20:49:32. Granules will be forced near the beginning and ending of the gap which may result in some delays in production for these boundary granules and effects like missing data in the last/first scans of the granules. Granules within the gap will likely not be produced in Lance-MODIS. Hopefully the L0 data with incorrect timestamps will be corrected and used in forward production (LAADS).

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