Lance-MODIS Terra C5 PGE01 errors during DMU #97

Last Updated2016-09-15 20:36:00
Start2016-09-15 16:30:00
End2016-09-15 17:10:00
Description 2016-09-15T20:36:00Z
Lance-MODIS C5 processing systems nrt1 and nrt2 failed PGE01 for seven granules during the 2016-09-15 Terra DMU #97 maneuver. So no C5 granules were produced during 16:30-16:55z and 17:00-17:10z other than MOD00F. The C6 instance nrt3 processed these granules without error. Please note that we normally do not notice or post about errors during maneuvers, but we monitored this maneuver closely because of the new PGE138. During this maneuver all Land Surface Temperature granules should be produced as PGE138 said no MOD021KM during this time were sufficiently distorted to warrant skipping production.

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Last updated: May 30, 2018