Lance_MODIS Aqua reprocessing (updated)

Last Updated2016-12-19 01:21:00
Start2016-12-18 08:45:00
End2016-12-18 11:15:00
Description 2016-12-19T01:21:00Z
Aqua products between 2016-12-18 08:45 and 11:15z were created using a substantially missing MYD00S (L0) input. Better MYD00S inputs were delivered two hours later, and they are now being used to manually reprocess these products. The new MYD00F are normal sized, so the reprocessed products should not have any missing data.

Reprocessing on nrt2 was not done correctly for PGE02 (and downstream) for 09:15-11:15 (most of the reprocessed interval). This will not be corrected. If you need collection 5 data, pull it from nrt1. Ideally you should be using collection 6 data from nrt3 or nrt4 instead of C5 data.

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Last updated: May 30, 2018