MODAPS Systems Reboot- Tuesday, 2/28/17 and Wednesday, 3/1/17 (updated)

Last Updated2017-03-01 21:49:00
Start2017-02-21 12:00:00
End2017-03-01 17:00:00
Description 2017-03-01T21:49:00Z
Update 2017-03-01: all hosts are up and running, but nrt2 and nrt4 production is not caught up yet. Also there were issues today with the host used to import L0 data into nrt1 and nrt3 which caused ingest of a few L0 granules to fail and this will cause increased latency for those systems, particularly Aqua data from about 08:20-12:05z.

LAADS and Lance-MODIS (NRT) have scheduled system maintenance next week Tuesday, 2/28/17 and Wednesday, 3/1/17 from 7am to 12pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). On Tuesday nrt1, then nrt3 systems will go down. On Wednesday nrt2, nrt4, and LAADS related hosts will go down. Please, note that there will be limited or no access to LAADS web (including data search and order), LAADS ftp, LANCE web, and all NRT ftp severs during these times.

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