Aqua/Terra latency 18:00+ (fixed)

Platform Terra-Aqua
Instrument MODIS
Source lance-modis
Issue news
Last Updated 2015-01-15 23:28:00
Start 2015-01-14 18:00:00
End 2015-01-15 23:00:00
Description 2015-01-15T23:28:00Z
NCEP/NOAA recently upgraded and renamed their GFS produts, and ceased creating the old products as of 2015-01-14: We have now reconfigured our NRT systems to look for the new GDAS_0ZF product name on the ncep ftp site, and will make the changes to do the same with the GFS products tomorrow morning. Some additional PGE03 production latency tonight is possible, but we expect the issue will be completely cleared up by tomorrow.

Our nrt systems currently have an issue obtaining GDAS_0ZF / GFS ancillary data required by PGE03 which held up PGE03 production (and all downstream PGE production) beginning 2015-01-14 18:00z. A manual ingest of the newest GFS file from a different source should allow production up to 2015-01-15 00:00z where production is likely to be held again until the issue clears up or more data is manually ingested in the morning.

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