NASA VIIRS Level-1 Data Products Available

Platform SNPP
Instrument VIIRS
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Last Updated 2018-05-29 10:30:00
Start 2018-05-29 00:00:00
End 2018-06-29 23:59:59
Description The LAADS DAAC is pleased to publicly release Collection-1 of the NASA Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Level-1 products starting from May 29, 2018. VIIRS is a multidisciplinary instrument that flies aboard the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (SNPP) platform, which was launched in October 2011. The products include the following:

Product Description
VNP03IMG VIIRS/NPP Imagery Resolution Terrain Corrected Geolocation 6-Min L1 Swath 375m
VNP03MOD VIIRS/NPP Moderate Resolution Terrain Corrected Geolocation 6-Min L1 Swath 750m
VNP03DNB VIIRS/NPP Day/Night Band Resolution Terrain Corrected Geolocation 6-Min L1 Swath 750m
VNP02IMG VIIRS/NPP Imagery Resolution 6-Min L1B Swath 375m
VNP02MOD VIIRS/NPP Moderate Resolution 6-Min L1B Swath 750m
VNP02DNB VIIRS/NPP Day/Night Band 6-Min L1B Swath 750m

The NASA VIIRS L1 products are based on a consistent calibration approach supported by the VIIRS Characterization Support Team, and are offered in a hybridized Network Common Data Format (netCDF4) - Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) structure that leverages several individual as well as collective strengths of the two data/file storage formats.

Besides the NASA standard products listed above, NASA's Land, Atmosphere Near-real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) will soon release the VIIRS Level-1 Near-Real-Time (NRT) products as well. Users can access the NRT products via the following NRT3 and NRT4 interfaces:

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