SNPP VIIRS Anomaly Outage 10/31/19

Platform SNPP
Instrument VIIRS
Source LAADS
Issue news
Last Updated 2019-10-31 09:34:00
Start 2019-10-31 03:48:00
End 2019-10-31 07:42:00
Description SNPP VIIRS experienced an anomaly on 10/31/19 causing a data loss from roughly 03:48 through 07:42. Data from VIIRS actually resumed at roughly 06:38, however, there were a number of instrument configuration activities that caused gaps and data issues resulting in no output data through 07:42 and potential small gaps in the granules covering from 08:10 through 08:24. Further outages/updates on the impact of the anomaly will be shared as they become known.

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