Plan to decommission Collection-1 L2 Cloud Properties VIIRS and MODIS continuity products

Platform Aqua, SNPP
Instrument MODIS, VIIRS
Source LAADS
Issue news
Last Updated 2020-05-15 12:40:00
Start 2020-05-15 12:40:00
End 2020-06-15 00:00:00
Description The LAADS DAAC plans to decommission the following two C1 L2 Cloud Properties continuity products on May 31, 2020:
  • CLDPROP_L2_VIIRS_SNPP   --   VIIRS/SNPP Cloud Properties 6-Min L2 Swath 750m
  • CLDPROP_L2_MODIS_Aqua   --   MODIS/Aqua Cloud Properties 5-min L2 Swath 1km
We encourage users to use C1.1 of these two products, which corrects an issue (that affected C1) with the cloud optical properties' thermodynamic phase that caused erroneous liquid water cloud phase results.
If you have any questions, contact the LAADS User Services.

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