European Space Agency's Envisat/MERIS Version-4 Collection

Platform Envisat
Instrument MERIS
Source LAADS
Issue news
Last Updated 2021-08-06 16:45:00
Start 2020-10-05 16:45:00
End 2021-10-27 00:00:00

The European Space Agency's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) was one of several instruments aboard the polar-orbiting Envisat platform, whose mission ended in May 2012. The LAADS DAAC has served a couple of full-resolution and reduced-resolution MERIS products in the past. As part of the 4th reprocessing cycle, we are pleased to release the following four reprocessed Envisat MERIS Full Resolution (FR) and Reduced Resolution (RR) data products that range from May 2002 to April 2012.

Shortname Longname
EN1_MDSI_MER_FRS_1P Full Resolution Full Swath Geolocated and Calibrated TOA Radiance
EN1_MDSI_MER_FRS_2P Full Resolution Full Swath Geophysical Product for Ocean, Land and Atmosphere
EN1_MDSI_MER_RR__1P Reduced Resolution Geolocated and Calibrated TOA Radiance
EN1_MDSI_MER_RR__2P Reduced Resolution Geophysical Product for Ocean, Land and Atmosphere

The version-3 products will remain publicly available for six months until March 31, 2022 when we plan to decommission this collection. If you have any questions, please contact the LAADS User Services .

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